What’s My Claim Worth?

If you are a 24-hour caregiver, hired direct by your patient or through an agency, working for a day rate (i.e. $180-$270/day), without overtime compensation, you likely have a valuable unpaid overtime claim.

For example, if you are a caregiver, covered under the Domestic Worker Bill of Rights (DWBR), working 24 hours a day, five days a week, at a daily rate of $270 a day, you have an unpaid overtime claim of $3,375 per week. That is over $175,000 a year in unpaid overtime.  In addition, you can claim liquidated damages, penalties, interest and attorneys fees under the law. Many of our clients have claims that exceed $500,000 when working several years.

Many wealthy people hire caregivers directly and unlawfully pay them as independent contractors, without overtime and without the benefits of being an employee. This is not fair to caregiver and California law protects caregivers covered under the DWBR from this abusive practice.

Each year, my firm collects millions of dollars for caregivers denied overtime compensation. For a free and confidential case evaluation, please text or call us at (818) 807-4168. To learn more about caregiver overtime law or chat live right now, please visit our website at www.caregiverovertime.com/pa/inhome

Attorney Advertisement by Daniel Chaleff of Chaleff Rehwald Peterson.  Our examples are of a general nature and are not a guarantee regarding the outcome of your individual matter.