Kevin Rehwald

Kevin Rehwald

Kevin Rehwald is a leading advocate for caregivers who are victims of wage theft. He has helped hundreds of caregivers recover tens of millions of dollars that were unlawfully withheld by their employers. Kevin works exclusively for caregivers and has extensive theoretical and practical knowledge about the Domestic Worker Bill of Rights and Wage Order 5. Most importantly, Kevin knows how to prosecute caregiver wage theft actions to the successful recovery of money. Kevin has had the privilege of changing numerous of lives though the settlements he has obtained for his clients.

Since 2016, Kevin has focused his practice exclusively on helping caregivers recover the unpaid overtime that caregivers are due. He has written extensively on the Domestic Worker Bill of Rights, knows the defense “play book” and knows how to deal with the meritless arguments and tactics that employers use to avoid the consequences of their own wage theft and legal violations. He is an aggressive advocate for caregivers and has a passion for helping an underserved and vital population of workers, a population that is all too often over-worked and exploited by the wealthy and the privileged.

Kevin’ articles on the Domestic Worker Bill of Rights have been published in Los Angeles Lawyer Magazine, Weekend Balita, The US Asian Post, and others. His work is considered by some to be the leading legal treatises on the DWBR. But more important than knowing the law, is knowing what to do with the law. Over the course of over a decade spent litigating cases, Kevin has developed a wide breadth of experience in all aspects of employment law, general civil litigation and caregiver specific cases. This unique experience allows him to handle anything necessary for a caregiver case. From probate actions against deceased care recipients, to fraudulent transfers, to meritless cross-complaints, to claw-back procedures, Kevin’s experience is unparalleled when it comes to effectively representing caregivers in wage theft actions.

Kevin knows how important caregivers are in our society. He values their work and he wants to see them obtain justice. This informs everything he does. Caregivers often come from other countries. Many are supporting their families back home and work countless hours to care for our loved ones.  Caregivers deserve to be treated with respect, with dignity and to be paid a fair and living wage. But the reality of the industry is that this rarely happens. However, Kevin believes that through years of work advocating on behalf of caregivers, things can change for the better. He is committed to educating caregivers, other lawyers, judges and mediators, and shining light on what is happening to our caregivers.

Before becoming a caregiver advocate, Kevin was handling general employment matters, mostly executive level battles over things like severance, lucrative bonuses, wrongful termination, high stakes whistleblower actions and other cases involving general corporate malfeasance towards employees. As exciting as this was, the white-collar employees he represented had lawyers all but begging to help them. They had privilege, success and the means to achieve justice. But when Kevin started helping caregivers, they had no one to help. They were afraid of coming forward, afraid to speak up and most lawyers either failed to see or did not care about the vital services that caregivers provide.  Kevin started to learn of the dire injustices that caregivers endure, that is still rampant in the industry. Kevin jumped at the chance to devote his practice to making a difference in the lives of an underserved population. The past few years have been the most exciting, rewarding and fulfilling of Kevin’s career. He wants to know how he can help you obtain the wages you were not paid while working as a caregiver.